Speaking Topics



Christ is calling you to follow Him.  Will you?  Hear about how Christ called the disciples and how He is calling each one of us to follow Him to Paradise! 

You are more!

You are more than your past mistakes.  Don't believe the lies of the evil one. YOU ARE MORE!  

Parenting in a Digital World

 Raising teens is a hard enough job, now add the "digital world" to your job description-crazy!  We talk about the tools parents can use to reach out to their teens and how to engage with them in this digital age!

Advent, Lent, or any Church Feast Day

Need someone to speak to your group about Advent, Lent, or a certain Feast Day or Saint.  We have a number of talks based on the Church calendar.  Let us help you make your next event even more rich in love of Christ.

Called to be a Saint

God is calling each of us to be a Saint.  But how?  This talk reminds us of that calling and what we must do to be SAINTS!   Like a salmon we are called to go against the flow.  The church gives us all the tools we need to run the race and Win! "Run so as to Win" and don't let Satan crop Jesus out of your life. 

Have a Theme? Let us write a talk based on your event!

On a regular basis, 12Noon Ministries is hired to speak for a certain group on a specific theme or bible verse.  With over 20 years of speaking experience, we are certain we will be able to meet your needs!